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5 Bathroom Renovation Trends For 2020

As 2019 is ready to come to a close, homeowners are looking ahead to 2020 for design ideas in the New Year. Trends include innovative materials for the home as well as modern style and coloring. By learning more about the latest trends in bathroom renovation ideas, you can make changes that will reflect high style and design. Find the top 2020 trends for bathrooms below to help you get a jumpstart on your next project.


Let’s start with porcelain surface materials. With this option, you can create a customizable and maintenance-free look for your home. The porcelain texture is a smooth look and with a variety of colors and styles, you can create a bathroom that is on-trend and provides a relaxing space at the end of the day.

With porcelain materials, you can add a unique backsplash to your bathroom or find that perfect countertop that lets your space stand out in the home.


A major component of the bathroom is the faucets. Sinks, showers, and tubs require faucets and you can easily add design to the bathroom with this component. For 2020, trends include split-finish units, as well as industrial design. If you are unfamiliar with split-finish, it is a faucet that uses two finishes instead of the standard one. You can go with a gold and brushed nickel finish as they are popular choices or find other options that meet your design aesthetic.

The goal for new bathrooms going into the New Year is to keep the design minimal. The fresh and clean look of industrial and modern design can create a bathroom that is comfortable as well as stylish.

Dark Colors

Let’s talk about color. In many homes, the bathroom is light and bright with colors like white and gray used to create a neutral palette. With the latest trends in bathroom design, these colors are moving more towards the dark side. Choose from deep purples, navy, grays and even black. Modern bathroom walls look great with a dark colored tile — we love the options from Martin's of Park Road - Reading, PA — and then the space can be balanced with light cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures.

One option to darken the space is to add in new flooring. Choosing a grey wood flooring adds a neutral tone to the space but also brings in a darker coloring not found in traditional bathrooms. The modern look adds style and function as well as a nice backdrop to change up the design of your bathroom whenever you like with new paint colors, shower curtains, and other details.

Quartz Countertop Installation

The countertop of your bathroom is also important. We love working with GoodFellas because of their selection and fabrication/install quality. You want something durable but also stylish. With quartz bathroom countertops, you get the best of both worlds. The material is durable and resistant to stains as well as available in various patterns and colors. If you are adding dark coloring to your bathroom with the paint, choose to go with a white on white approach for your quartz bathroom countertops. The counters and backsplash can be a crisp white and really stand out in the space.

Rose Gold

A big trend in bathroom spaces for 2020 also includes rose gold. From faucets to light fixtures, rose gold can easily be added and take the place of other options like brushed nickel or bronze. For an affordable cost, you can add a new rose gold faucet, light fixture and small touches like towel bars and toilet paper holders to give a pop of brightness and design to the space.

These are just a few of the upcoming bathroom trends for 2020. If you are planning a new remodeling project, think about how you can integrate all or a few of these trends in your new space!

Corey Gilmer is focused on helping fellow homeowners and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.

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