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When and where to choose materials for your next remodeling project..

It’s your project not ours!

An important consideration built into the very beginning of our remodeling design process is asking you about and understanding the true purposes for why you are planning a remodeling project. With this insight and information we can offer specific product options and advice to help you make your decisions. Although we can help you along the way, the final decisions will be up to you.

Why making your selections is so important

Choosing the right products and finishes for a remodeling project is key to making sure you will be happy with the final results. By making informed decisions you can be confident about the project and your investment. At the same time, if you do your part in making timely product decisions and selections during the design process, we can live up to our promise of completing your project within the agreed time frame. We can accomplish this because unlike most contractors, we begin pre-staging your project for construction well in advance of our team beginning the work at your home. Because you made your selections, we can check product ordering lead times and make sure the products we need get ordered and will be at the job site before our team will need them.

Prioritizing your selections

Because we have experience with a variety of products, manufacturers and local vendors we can help you make remodeling product selections in many ways. If budget is important we can help you decide where to spend a bit less on some products so you can afford to treat yourself and perhaps spend a bit more on others. If you want or need assistant selecting colors and finishes we can help there too by offering local interior designer services. To help you explore and select quality products we can set you up to visit with the local vendors we partner with. To help you with selecting and prioritizing products, during our design process we can also create and give you an organized list to work from.

Gaining clarity and confidence during design

To help keep your remodeling project on schedule we would prefer that all products be picked out well before beginning construction at your home. At the same time we know and support the reality that making final decisions on some products, particularly product colors and or finishes, can be difficult until certain parts of your project have already been either designed or actually completed. Some selections, like paint colors for example, may need to be finalized after we install and you see other products in place. Other common examples can include light fixtures, tile and or cabinetry knobs or pulls.

In summary

Choosing the right products and being confident about your selections is so important to the success of a remodeling project. At Gilmer's Home Improvements, we know this and make it an integral part of our process. We can’t tell you that you shouldn’t be concerned, but we can tell you if you choose to work with us our team of professionals will be there to help and guide you along the way.

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