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1. Maintain your HVAC system with regular servicing and filter changes. We recommend twice a year on filter changes unless your have many pets.

2. Flush your hot water heating system once a year. It not only adds years to your tank, but increases it's efficency by removing deposits from the bottom. Also, it is a good idea to activate your pressure relief valve at this time as well to ensure proper funtion.

3. Clean the vent line from your clothes dryer and vacuum clean your refigerator coil at least once a year. Your refigerator uses up to 15% of your annual electric consumption in your home.

4. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clear and extended away from your home. Test any sump pumps regularly for proper function.

5. Before the first frost, make sure that all hoses are disconnected from the house and all outisde lines have been drained if able.

6. Make sure to operate all water valves in your house every 6 months to ensure that they are in working order. Hard water can lock them in place. Especially your main valve from public service or from your well.

7. Have your water tested and treated if neccessary. Broken pipes due to bad/hard water make up to32% of insurance claims totalling $400-500 million dollars annually.

8. Use frozen vinegar ice cubes to no only clean and freshen your garbage disposal, but it will also help to sharpen the blades.

9. Inspect fire extinguishers and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly and also test garage door sensors.

10. Keep vines, bushes and branches clear from your foundation and structure. Vines and roots work their way into cracks and increase the damage.

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