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Value vs Function in Your Home

Your home in a majority of cases is the biggest purchase of your life. Once you own your home you want to learn to properly maintain it and also start to add improvements. Did you know that improving the Kitchen and Bathroom in your home will bring you the biggest return on investment? There are many things you can do to improve your homes value. Just to name a few you can update your bathrooms, kitchen, add and addition or improve the landscaping on your lot. All of these things can improve not only the quality of your life but the value of your home.

I get asked all the time when having an in home consultation with homeowners, "Will I get every dollar I spend on this project back if/when I sell my home?" The answer; for the most part, is no. Styles change, buyers preferences will change. What is in style today, may not be the trend 5-10 years from now. Obviously updating your kitchen or bathroom that is 40 years old will add tremendous value to your home. While planting a few bushes around the house may not. Hiring an experienced contractor who has not only worked side by side with realtors, but also is in the "flipping" market. GHI can offer the best choices in remodeling scopes to get the most out of your rehab dollars.

If you are updating your "forever home," there is really no need to consider resale value. This is for you and only you. We will work with your budget to once again get every option you want out of each dollar spent. Finding a contractor that is willing to work with you, your budget, your style is very difficult. Also, finding a crew that has the skill set for your particular project is key to you loving the end result. Take your time, gather thorough estimates. A contractor that meets with you for 30 minutes and provides you a quote is not taking the adequate amount of time required to get to know you and you likes/dislikes and the end result may be displeasing after you just spent a lot of money.

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